Gold Plan Cover

Gold Plan Cover

The Gold Plan gives you In-hospital benefits for acute conditions treated as an inpatient like illness, disease or injury. When referred by a GP you will get quick admission into a hospital of your choice at a time and a location that is convenient for you, with the benefits of a private room and en-suite.

The Gold Plan benefits also include 24/7 access to a private helpline and app, so you can speak to a GP anytime you need, wherever you are. And the Gold Plan gives you a cash benefit payable for each night you spend in an NHS hospital, up to 30 nights.

In-hospital benefits

If you can obtain a fixed price surgery package, referred to as a self-pay option, My Care Card will guarantee a full refund for all in-hospital charges.
When you are ill you do not want any uncertainty or inconvenience, your worries can be substantial enough without added pressures. While the NHS has a very good system for dealing with emergencies and chronic situations, the waiting list nationwide for less urgent operations continues to grow.
**Up to 30 days a year.


£ 39
Per Person Per Month
  • In-hospital treatment in the UK
  • HMCA Private GP app
  • £25 prescriptions benefit
  • £100 per night if in an NHS hospital**

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Frequently Asked Questions

This is a list of the questions we are asked most frequently on the subject of cover provided by the Gold Plan. If you have any additional questions please telephone our Helpline on 01423 798199.

Yes. There are no restrictions, you can use any of the hospitals detailed on our comprehensive list. If your preferred hospital is not listed, please contact us.
Yes. Some hazardous pursuits are excluded only from the Personal Accident Benefit.
After one full year’s membership, providing you have been treatment and symptom free for 12 consecutive months, any pre-existing medical condition that occurred prior to joining us will be covered.
Email or call and our UK based claims team will offer a personal service and provide prompt settlement.

If you choose to have all your treatment solely through the NHS you will receive £100 a night spent in hospital, for up to 30 nights. Of course, this is tax-free cash which you keep to spend as you wish.

If you have an existing medical plan, please call our Helpline on 01423 798199 to discuss transferring.
This is where the hospital provide you with a fixed price for the surgery you require, this is an all-inclusive cost for the in-hospital procedure and My Care Card will guarantee a full refund for all in-hospital charges. This charge is normally paid by a lump sum to the hospital prior to surgery.
Yes you will need to pay this, and then My Care Card will pay immediately upon receipt of the invoice. Alternatively you can contact My Care Card and make other arrangements.
The maximum age you can join My Care Card is 49. However, if you are aged over 49, please contact our helpline and we can discuss alternative plans with you.