Silver Plan Cover

Silver Plan Cover

Have you considered how you, or someone you care about, would cope if unexpectedly admitted to hospital? Unfortunately, bills and our obligation to pay them, don’t go away when we are in hospital.

That is why the Silver Plan is designed to provide a cash benefit in the event of spending time in a hospital due to sickness or injury. The money is paid irrespective if you are in hospital as an NHS patient or a Private patient and the money is paid directly to you to spend as you wish. It could be used to pay bills, replace lost income or even for a holiday to recover.

The Silver Plan benefits also include 24/7 access to a private helpline and app, so you can speak to a GP anytime you need, wherever you are.

Additional Benefits

The following additional benefits are also included in your Blue Plan:
*Up to 365 days a year.


£ 19
Per Person Per Month
  • HMCA Private GP app
  • £25 prescriptions benefit
  • £200 per night if in an NHS hospital*

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Frequently Asked Questions

This is a list of the questions we are asked most frequently on the subject of cover provided by the Silver Plan. If you have any additional questions please telephone our Helpline on 01423 798199.

Email or call and our UK based claims team will offer a personal service and provide prompt settlement.
You and your family doctor sign a claim form stating the nature of your sickness or injury and length of stay in hospital. For example, for a stay of 10 complete nights you would receive a payment for £1,000, or £2,000 if you were travelling overseas or on public transport.
95% of claims are processed the same day they are received.
After one full year’s membership providing you have been treatment and symptom free for 12 consecutive months, any pre-existing medical condition that occurred prior to joining us will be covered.
These are kept to an essential minimum and are set out fully in the Insurance Product Information Document (IPID), which is available when you request a quote.
No medical examination is required when you join.